The internet has various options for games, and today one of the top viral games is the Plants Vs Zombies 2. The game is all about fights, and we can enjoy it on the mobile device. In which you will discover new plants and ready them for defeating the zombies. It is for android and IOS platform, and millions of online players are connected on it. For playing well, you should know the value of currency and gems are used as a currency. Most of the players are going with the PVZ 2 Cheats, and such cheats are beneficial for earning the free amount of currency.

To grab more chances, you have to be fully skilled, and it is only possible with great knowledge. In this article, we are showing some points for playing.

Various plants 

In the gameplay, plants are growing, and we need to care about them. Select different plants like sunflowers, lava guava, and leaser. For PVP battles, all the plants are perfectly skilled, and you can also enhance the speed of them.

Fight with zombies 

Zombies are trying to destroy various parts of our home, and for securing it, we have to fight with them. They come with lots of action, so you have to serious for battles and learn different boosters.

Protect your lawn 

The players mainly focus on the lawn growing, and for that, they are spending more time. Several levels are present for it, and you can unlock new things for playing long. Expand the lawn area with new plants and get seeds.

Compete for earning 

Earning is compulsory for increasing the chances of winning, and in the storyline, many kinds of currencies are used. If you are facing any difficulty of gaining, then go with the PVZ 2 Cheats.