Games are making our mind productive, and we are playing different kinds of games. The internet is full of several games, and the trendiest game is Garena Free Fire. The game is all about unknown battle, and each mission is going on real time.  It is the best options in survival based games, and you need to long survive in the game for enhancing the ranking points. Weapons and armors are effective tools for protecting you in battle journey and we can also unlock many guns with Hack Garena Free Fire.

Before going for missions, you need to train your hero for shooting. In the game, we will meet with dangerous shooters, and you need to learn many things.

Battle mission

In the missions, you need to survive for 10 minutes with 49 other players. Ten minutes of surviving time is not easy for everyone. In Iceland, every player hides with some kinds of things. You have to hit the enemies with long distance because if you disclose your locations, then you will be killed. Always cover itself with some kinds of outfits and external things.

Safe Zone

The map has many locations, and the player needs to select any one. In the map one safe zone circle and it is providing you safe rooms. As time going to finish the safe circle is close, and you need to ensure your locations in which. It may be dangerous for some time, so you need to aware.

4 squad team

In the game, you can invite any four friends to join a team and play in a squad team. Team play of the game is very wonderful .voice chat makes the squad team plays very easy because in which we can see the locations of team members. The team members easily target the enemies, and you are remaining in the team if you are killed. The player can also going for Hack Garena Free Fire take some kinds of helps.