No matter how you are well versed in the electric furniture world but walking on the piece of the wood furniture is found to be difficult one where we need to polish wood furniture often to maintain its surface smooth and shiny. In order to polish the wooden furniture first, you need to find out the wood material of your furniture and knowing the appropriate furniture polish for the piece of wood and you need do simple tests where the following test will give you the information what you need.

  • Acetone – When you put the two drops of the acetone in an inconspicuous place of the wooden furniture and rub it gently where the acetone will dissolve and provide the lacquer finish to the furniture within a minute. A polyester or polyurethane finish will shed the acetone as like water where the shellac or varnish will turn the acetone into the gummy substance in just a minute at this point you can find out the difference between two substances.
  • Linwood oil – If you polish the wooden furniture with two drops of Linwood oil then either it will absorb the oil or the wooden furniture surface looks oil based finish.
  • Denatured Alcohol – When you put the two drops of the denatured alcohol after using the acetone then the gummy substance will be dissolved instantly and you will be getting the shellac or varnish finish.

Which types of the polish to use?

It is always better to choose the light-colored polish that matches the grain of the wooden furniture surface and apply it sparingly where too much of any polish can make the complicate where it will be requiring the refurbishing process so the wood will gets scraped or dented later. So it is found to be necessary to choose the right polish substance for your wooden furniture for improving its lifetime.