It is time to build your powerful empire and dominate the world in the newest MMO strategy game guns of glory is a interactive holding, the game is fully involved by strategy so the guns of hack game play us now available for both android and IOS devices where you have to build and establish your kingdom again.


1. Focus on completing the missions

Missions are extremely important, especially early on in the game as they get the base set up for the future. I always recommend players to follow the missions and progress through them as fast as possible. Early on, you can hurry production of most buildings and you should do so because the more buildings you have and more upgrades for them, the better your start will be. Also keep an eye on the epic quests for epic rewards

2. Join an alliance ASAP

So join one as soon as possible in order to enjoy all the benefits that come out of this.

3. Spend your Talent Points Wisely

These offer great benefits and help improve your game a lot, but you should be very careful when spending them: not only that the amount of Talent Points that you’re getting as your play is limited, but also resetting them cause a lot of money, so it isn’t really worth it.

These are extremely useful and I would personally start with spending 6-10 points in the Balance early on in the game, then switch to War and make my choices based on the type of game will play.

4. Conquer the world

Instead of waiting for your base to produce resources, it’s easier (and a lot more fun) to simply go out there and take it. You can attack other players in the game, but that is a risk on most cases as it will usually mean that retaliation will happen. This will give you huge boosts and benefits in the long term and it is the best way to play the game and use cheats.

5. Collect the free goodies

You should log in daily to complete missions and check your mail every day and you will soon have a ton of items ready to be put to good use. Make sure you do so and don’t waste the items you should also an eye on the building in front of the castle gate only for collect free items constantly.

6. Always work on building upgrades & researching

It is a pretty easy routine you will have to get into: upgrade your castle, and then bring every other structure in your empire to the maximum level. Rinse and repeat and you will become one of the best players in the game.

7. Max out your troops

You should about sure that you always have the military tents full and your troops leveled up and ready for battle.

8. Airship Dock

Airship Dock would give you the greatest bonuses in combat so that you should also focus on enhancing it in order to get the most in battle.


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