Nowadays games are become an essential need of every human life because of many reasons. It means some people to play for happiness; some want to enchase their real-life skills and many more reasons present. Here today we will come with a suitable platform which is for these kinds of reasons. The name of the game is Homescapes which is an incredible development of Playrix games. It is released on different many kinds of devices free of cost. Here the company will give lots of amazing tasks where you can do lots of outstanding activities.

Kinds of Currencies-

The game will offer you three types if different currencies for performing different tasks. It means if you want to sale and purchases any item then currencies play a potential role. In unique words, we can say that without currencies we are not able to play the game.

  • Coins
  • Star
  • Boosters

These all are a crucial part of currencies, and each is helpful to perform in different kinds of tasks.

  • Coins-

Here it is called as primary kind of currencies which are helpful in matching the pieces at every level. You can easily purchase the furniture and upgrade the room with the help of it. It means for giving a unique look to avatar then currencies are must required. These are not easy to gain, but some special paths complete the missions and other make it possible.

  • Stars-

It is essential kind of currency to enchase the level and boost the performance. You can earn it via completing the various types of levels and missions. You can also purchase some power-ups with the help of it also by getting Homescapes Cheats. Here as per you complete the levels with them you will get free stars.

  • Boosters-

In the Homescapes the boosters are also kind of currency. It is helpful to purchase special items like boosters and many more. It is purchasable with real life currencies means online some packs are available. You can also gain it via daily rewards and connecting the game with Facebook. Always use it wisely because these are very hard to obtain.