In the techno world, many types of mobile games have arrived daily. Every game is a unique concept because people want something different in gaming. Most of the games are playing in the mobile device, and it is very good for everyone. Nowadays top trending game is Episode, and it is stunning gameplay, and anyone can be familiar with it. The game consists of many different part and stories are the basic part of the game. In which you can go with many kinds of stories and all are very elegant. The game is RPG based and in which one Avatar plays the role of your character. We can make the game according to us, and it is a great feature for every player.

Trendy stories

The game allows the player for selecting any story and starts adding many characters. The story is not completed with characters and storyline. The best tip for getting success in the game is the player always goes to the trendy stories. Such types of stories still lead you in the game network and increase the rating.

Meet with new users

Episode is connected with the entire world and in which we can also play with our friends. We need to log in with our social media account because in which you can invite many of your friends for playing the game. The player can also share their avatar look with their friends. Many challenging tasks are completing by the help of many character and friends can play as new characters in the game.

Explore new locations

There are some special locations for meeting someone special. The game gives the best stage for living with a fantasy life. The player can meet beautiful girls in the game, and you can see friendship easily with her. Many new locations are locked in the game, and you can open all of them for playing well.