If you want to experience the real stories world for experiencing the realistic stories, then you should download the episode choose your story. It is an increasable platform which will allow you to do different activities. Under it, you are able to make own stories and share with millions of people. It means which people want to become writers then it proves the best opportunity. On the several sites, this games apk is presently free of cost. The game is containing with different kinds of languages like Chinese, Japanese and many more. From the help of this feature the game makes easy for every nation people.

More about Currencies-

Here the game is containing with several kinds of currencies for doing purchase and sale related tasks. In different words, we can say that if you want to unlock any stories and other then currencies are needed. It is essential to know for every comer to know about the currencies.

  1. In the episode choose your story gems are a crucial type of currency. It is useable for buying clothes and other essential items. You can also spend it on unlocking the various kinds of premium elements. The gems are very difficult to gain but via completing the stories and daily rewards you can make it possible.
  2. Here passes are also a second kind of currencies which are spendable on premium stories. It means you can passes play an incredible role to unlock the different types of trending stories. As well as gems these are also hard to earn, but via taking part into events and connecting the game with the social site, and by using Episode Hack you can gain it. The make own stories are also an outstanding way to gain passes in a huge amount.

Use currencies intelligently-

We all know that currencies are the main part of the game. You should always try to spend it on useful items like unlocking the stories and many more. If you have enough amount of passes, then unlock the other chapters. Save it for the feature because as per you complete the stories with them other are gone more and more costly.