Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an entertaining game where the player will get several aspects and some exciting features. The features make the player to play the game for a long time. However, for making it more exciting, the game allows the players to invite their friends. The game is based on series and a common girl who want to become a famous personality. In support of this, you need to play the role of the girl and do several jobs for earning money.

Moreover, you need to boost the fan following by dating and modeling. Earning the game currency leads to maintain all the features and to buy some resources. So the players are required to make the currencies at a higher rate. If it is not possible for the player then take the help from kim kardashian hollywood cheats 2020.


The game is consisting of three main currencies:

  • 5 stars
  • Cash
  • Energy

All three are very easy to earn, but you need to keep several aspects in mind.

How To Earn Currencies?

  • For collecting the 5 stars the player need to go on a date and complete some challenges. Gaining the stars is one of the most daunting tasks. So the players are like to buy it with real cash.
  • Cash is the soft currency which the players can easily earn. For earning this, the player is obligatory to complete all the quests like dating, photo shoot, advertisement and many.
  • Energy is the main currency that is needed in performing several tasks. Through this, as the player will complete one level, he/she will get the energy.

So these are some central aspects of the currencies of the game. In the course of these aspects, one can easily earn some currencies.