Critical ops: Multiplayer FPS is the first-person shooter video game, and it is all about aiming the rivals. The gameplay is full of missions and tasks, so you have to be master in shooting skills. For surviving long, we need a proper amount of gadgets and gears. Millions of online players are connected with it, and they all are enjoying more. The game is compatible with both android and IOS so we can download it android Playstore or official game website.

Types of currency in the game:

The game includes three important currencies, and they are named as coins, credits, and tokens. They are giving us amazing experiences, and we can grab them in numerous ways. Some players hack the currency with the help of the Critical ops credits hack. Such a tool is giving us positive results in a secure way. Each currency is listed in this article so you can read about the uses of them.


Coins are vital for growth, and by the use of it, we can upgrade some powers of weapons. The user can also add new boosters for the fighters.


Credits are for purchasing some premium weapons and gadgets, so the players have to collect a big amount of it. A huge amount of currency is making us more capable than others.


Tokens are identical with credits, and by spending it, we will get new skins for fighters. You can buy new gadgets and gears also.