The Merge Magic are the game which is consists of several aspects. The player likes to play the game because here they meet with several elements like protecting, matches, discovery, power, and evils. As we can say that it is the full package of entertainments with these aspects. Once the player starts playing the game, they will love it because the game is easy to play as it looks typical. For playing the effectively, they always admire to have some coins, but unfortunately they may not get enough coins then they can take help from Merge Magic Hack.


Magical coins

The coins are the primary currency that players need to collect for attains some main aspects. Here the coins are round, but the flower is printed on both sides. If the players want to buy some goods for regular use, then they can use this one.

Dragon Gems

The gems are the premium currency, which is used to play the game effectively. It is used for level up and to buy main things in the entire game. The gems are tough to get, but it is very effect full.

Stone Bricks

The stone bricks are used to build the building and protect them from evils. It is easy to attain and very helpful for dragons

Life Orbs

The life orbs are the currencies which help you in inviting more dragons for your world. Through this, all the dragons can enjoy, and you can make a perfect match.

Thus, these are some currencies that you need to attain for playing the game effectively. So try to accomplish it at a higher rate.