Missions are revolving around the any of games; you have to complete these missions with some of the unique approaches. Various types of missions you face in Empire and puzzles. With completing these rewards, you get some rewards for continuing the game. In this game, 1 to 13 level and you cannot jump directly to level 13. You start from 1 and gradually reach on 13. Now some of the missions we discuss about Empire and puzzles.

Hero training

Empire and puzzles is some of the heroes for battle. You can train for acquire some new skill and different tactics. Just put your heroes in training mode they taught in short of time by training your heroes to level up and give you some rewards. Level up a hero to level 10, and you get 3 gems. Build a training camp, upgrade training camp will provide you with more gems. Summon heroes and you get 5 gems.

Make infrastructure

Make many of infrastructures and upgrade some farm. You can improve farm for growing different types of food grains and some other resources. Upgrade your farm to level 10, and you get 5 points. Expand your base to upgrade level 3 and gets 5 gems. Construct you watchtower for some rewards.


Empire and puzzles contain some of the ultimate commanders. Make your heroes victories and skill with some ultimate fighting techniques. In this mission, you make your heroes victorious in 10 raids with five gems. You can gain some points with the help of upgrading of you fighters.


Games are mainly focused on resources, and empire and puzzles have a different kind of resources with Empires and Puzzles Hack. You can use them effectively.  In the game you have big troops. So you are responsible for their food. Collect food for your farms for your people so you can feed them with your farm grains, build 2 farms for feed your heroes. Produce more food for an upgrade a farm level and get rewards.