Before actually start playing Toon Blast, one simply has to know all its features, gameplay, types of currencies and many other things as well. It is because, playing the game after learning all things help them in many ways. Not only is this, if a person play the game by understanding everything, then they simply make quick progress than before in Toon Blast. The common thing which the players should know is that it is a puzzle game that includes under the puzzle gaming category and created by Peak. The game contains numerous classic features which make it fine and impressive.


There are plenty of classic features present in Toon Blast that gamers should learn first and then go for playing Toon Blast. Some main features that give success to the game are as follows –

  • Players are offered with an in-app purchases option.
  • They are provided with coins, lives and boosters.
  • Also, gamers are offered with classic puzzles that they have to complete as to go ahead.

All these are the classic and fine features of Toon Blast which make the game more attractive. Dude to these features, more and more players all around the world come to Toon Blast.

What about boosters?

The second main aspect after features is usage of boosters. Gamers should know that boosters a play a main role in making progress in Toon Blast. They have to make full use of the boosters when solving the puzzle as to make quick progress. It helps them in solving puzzles in fewer moves and as a result they simply get coins or lives. Also, gamers are now free to use hacks and Toon Blast Cheats to obtain everything they want while playing. These two options make the game simple and easy for all the players.