Things we should know about the Merge Dragons

Most of us are playing games, and the internet is full of many kinds of games. Today everyone knows the name of Merge Dragons, and it is a fabulous game, and you can enjoy it very much. The game is all about dragons, and you will see magic, dragons, quest and many secret or mysteries in it. It is free for everyone, and you can download it on the mobile device. The storyline is adventures, and many players are crazy about all the aspects of the game. For playing better, we have to manage some amount of currency, and for that, we can use Merge Dragons Hack. The hack is a wonderful way of playing, and it gives lots of free tools are the currency.

Start the journey with many powerful things, and all are ready for playing. We need to go through all the points of the game. Now we are telling some basic things, and that is helpful for you.

Collect dragons

In the game around 37 new dragons are placed, and you can collect much of them. It is the best way to grow for new playing stages. Each dragon has different magical powers, and the players can add many new things for upgrading the dragons. The high amount of dragons gives a chance for taking the victory in the game.

Solve puzzles

You can test your mental skills by solving much amount of puzzles, and each one is different. For it, the game provides around 180 levels, and you can easily smash them for going forward in the game. The players can build the dragon camp for surviving well.

Accept quest challenges

900 quest challenges are available for fun, and most of the players are completing them. If you want to finish them easily, then you have to go with some tricks. Every quest gives a high amount of currency, and we know the value of such things.

Various levels

Playing levels are giving many different complexities, and you will start with easy to hard levels. The game locked many levels, but you can open them by completing challenges or Merge Dragons Hack.